Available for Adoption

Lili's Image - 2012 black mare; 16.1 h.

Career starts:  23

Sire:  Ready's Image

Dam:  Primetime Miss





Equibase: http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=9336463&registry=T



J.C.'s Sideoats

J.C. is a 19-year-old mare who has been a broodmare for the past few years.  She is 16.1 hh. and ready for a new chapter in her life.  Kind and easy to handle, J.C. is a sweet girl in good health.  She has large ankles from her extensive racing career, but is travelling sound.  She is ridden by beginner and intermediate riders and is suitable as a pleasure mount.  Nice girl!!

DOB:  03/21/1996
Career starts:  57

Equibase:  http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=4056857®istry=T
Walking View

Walking View is a 3-year-old filly who was in training to race, but was retired after sustaining an injury while breezing.  She has a small chip on her left knee but is going sound in light work.  She is 15 hh. and is lovely under saddle.  A beautiful, balanced filly with excellent proportions and three solid gaits.  X-rays are available. 

DOB:  05/10/2012
Number of career starts: 0

Equibase:  http://www.equibase.com/profiles/Results.cfm?type=Horse&refno=9370413&registry=T
Bold Face Lyre - "Willoughby"

This stately old gentleman is 26 but still has lots of life and love to give.  Super sweet gelding who absolutely LOVES attention!  He is up to date on everything and just had a complete dental.  This boy is suitable as a companion and/or light riding mount for a small individual; however, riding is recommended in cooler weather only for this guy.  Great first horse for a child or inexperienced individual.  We prefer that Willoughby be placed in a home where he will have a companion or buddy (for his social benefit).  We highly recommend that he is adopted with his current pasture mate, Faith (listed on the Other Horses page).

DOB:  04/14/1989
Number of career starts:  26



Although we primarily focus on Thoroughbreds, every now and then we just have to help other horses who get our attention. 

Faith is a 13-year-old mare found with another horse along a power line in a nearby rural parish.  She had an open wound on her should for some time and was being managed by an animal shelter in another parish.  After several rounds of antibiotics, no improvement was seen.  Faith came to our attention by a caring woman who offered her support through the rehabilitation process.  Initially, it was thought that Faith may have a fistula of the withers, which is a very difficult condition to treat.  After putting her on a very strong course of antibiotics, Dr. Barry Strickland performed minor surgery and removed a VERY large chip from the infected area.  A hole was also located to be on the underneath part of her scapula.   After removing this bone fragment, and completing the course of antibiotics, Faith has healed!  Our secondary concern now is to reshape her feet which were allowed to become grossly overgrown and mis-shaped. 

We initially had Faith listed as being available as a companion only; however, one of our working students began toying with the idea that she could do more than just be a companion.  We have been giving her ground work and have backed her several times and she gives us the impression that she may have been ridden prior to coming to us.  She is green, but very willing and tolerant.  Perhaps we will have a trail horse after all.