What's Going On at TRNL?

We are proud of the hard work and dedication that our volunteers and riders put in at TRNL. A major part of our rehabilitation involves retraining for a new "job" in their post racing lives. We do this by training and competing at local and regional shows and attending events throughout the year. 

2019 New Vocations Charity Horse Show and TIP Championships

Congratulations to Samantha Shaffer and Stormin’ Eddie on their spectacular performance at the New Vocations Charity Horse Show and TIP Championships this weekend!

Sam and Ed took home three first place ribbons and a second place ribbon at the New Vocations Charity Horse Show (with two scores in the 70’s!) and were reserve High Point Champions!

Eddie also placed 7th out of 22 horses in the Warhorse in Hand class. To be eligible to enter this class, the horse had to have raced over 50 times or won over 100k and Eddie exceeded both requirements!

On the final day of competition, Sam and Ed won both their championship classes and were the TIP Training Level Adult Amateur Champions!

SEDA Adults Only Schooling Dressage Show

Congratulations to Samantha and Stormin' Eddie for their performance at the SEDA Adults Only Schooling Dressage Show!

Sam and Ed earned their final qualifying scores for Training and First Level and they were the overall Adult Amateur Highpoint Champs!

Training Level Test 3 - 67.4%
First Level Test 3 - 63.5%

Lagniappe Schooling Show

Congratulations to our awesome OTTB's and riders that competed at the schooling show this weekend! The weather was perfect for our horses and riders!
Intro Level - Kasey and Malibu Classic (adopted and loved!)
Training and First Level - Samantha and Stormin' Eddie (TRNL Ambassador!)
Training Level - Cindy and Idealites (available for adoption!)