Saddlery Solutions visits TRNL!

Kristen Vlietsra from Saddlery Solutions (located in San Jose, California) and Patricia Cooper from Fine Used Saddles (out of Houston, Texas) spent the day at TRNL on 11/16/2016.  One of our adoptees, Untameable, and his owner, Amy Zapata, had the opportunity to be outfitted with a saddle that finally fit both of them!   Untameable hadn't been comfortable in work for some time.  After his lengthy racing career, he developed muscular asymmetry throughout his body and specifically his topline.  This created a challenge while riding him because no saddle we had access to offered him any comfort.  He frequently hopped while under saddle, and just couldn't use his back and shoulders freely.   After his visit with Kristen and Patricia, he is back in business.  He and Amy are unstoppable now!  No more hopping during rides and he is so much more relaxed!  What a huge difference in this team!  

Kristen also measured and refitted the saddles used by another adoptee, Dapple Down (barn name - Beso) for Amy and her daughter Izzy.  This talented OTTB is a tall drink of water and is now travelling much more comfortably thanks to Kristen and Patricia.

Riders Up has been another OTTB in the barn that has not only undergone huge transformation over time (he was emaciated when picked up and is now healthy and robust), he has also been difficult to fit with a saddle.  His huge shoulders and deceptively short back presented a challenge to us because again, no saddles we had access to would fit him.  After being measured by Kristen and fitted by Patricia in a new saddle, he is a happy horse!  His canter work immediately improved as has his should freedom and use of his back.  

After working on those boys, Stormin' Eddie, Malibu Classic and Jazz PV were also measured and assessed for saddle fit.  

TRNL would like to thank Kristen and Patricia for their effort, knowledge and time!  We look forward to the follow-up in May!

For more information on both of these professionals, please use the links below:  

Saddlery Solutions

Fine Used Saddles

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