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Saddlery Solutions visits TRNL! 

Kristen Vlietsra from Saddlery Solutions (located in San Jose, California) and Patricia Cooper from Fine Used Saddles (out of Houston, Texas) spent the day at TRNL on 11/16/2016.  One of our adoptees, Untameable, and his owner, Amy Zapata, had the opportunity to be outfitted with a saddle that finally fit both of them!   Untameable hadn't been comfortable in work for some time.  After his lengthy racing career, he developed muscular asymmetry throughout his body and specifically his topline.  This created a…Read more

TRNL Puts on a Great Show at the Spring Fleur de Leap Show 

Thoroughbreds were well represented at the Spring Fleur de Leap Eventing and Dressage Show held at Lagniappe Equestrian Center this past weekend. A huge thanks to Morgan Draper Vaughn for her wonderful organizational skills and for having high point OTTBs recognized! Great job! 

TRNL brought 3 talented Thoroughbreds, all of whom competed in Dressage. Dapple Down, Untameable and Riders Up were all on the ball as they topped off their tests with stellar performances. 

Untameable and Dapple Down were adopted…

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TRNL Places at Jockey Club T.I.P. 

Congratulations to Stormin' Eddie and Christina DesRoches for placing 2nd in the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) Training Level Dressage Division and 1st in the Junior Dressage Division! 

Congratulations to Dapple Down (Beso), owned and loved by Izzy and Amy Zapata and ridden by Christina DesRoches for receiving a Participation Award from the Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) Dressage Division! 

Congratulations to Riders Up, a TRNL resident and ridden by Christina…

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