Our resident Thoroughbreds are horses that were part of the TRNL program but have since been adopted and continue to board and train at the TRNL facility. These horses serve as part of our mission to educate the public about the breed and are always available to meet at the TRNL barn!


Forrest was foaled at a large Thoroughbred farm in New York but was never raced. He was purchased at a regional auction for use in Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans, but was intercepted by TRNL before he could be sent back to auction after the season ended. Although he had a rather gruff exterior, Forrest eventually found his calling as a gentle teaching mount for children, beginner riders and TRNL guests. He is now a fixture at the barn and loved by all.


Natasha had a full racing career with 47 starts to her name and has the attitude to prove it. This intelligent mare is trained to Second Level in dressage and embodies the beauty, athleticism and work ethic of the Thoroughbred breed. However, she is unable to show due to her anxiety associated with travel and is a remnant from her days at the track. After many years of work earning her trust we have learned that she prefers "sameness" in her daily routine and are privileged that she "allows" us to rider her. 


This lovely, Louisiana-bred mare, raced 26 times throughout Louisiana and is the younger, full sister to Trucker's Special (Natasha). She is one of several horses her former owner has sent to TRNL for retraining and re-homing. Now a resident at TRNL, she loves having a new job. While she can be a bit high strung, Olivia is an absolute sweetheart who always gives her best and tries hard to please.