TRNL Ambassadors

Rider came to the farm when TRNL was asked to intercede in a case involving a stallion whose owner had abandoned him. Once gelded, Rider arrived at the farm in an emaciated state and began his journey of rehab and recuperation. We learned that he has little to no vision in his left eye and also found that he had undergone throat surgery to improve his breathing during his racing career. As he gained weight and strength we discovered that he is a stunning mover and slowly began his retraining under saddle. With a natural talent for dressage Rider has won year-end awards for SEDA and TIP. Rider's huge heart, determination to survive, and forgiving nature endear him to everyone he meets.

Eddie is an athletic Florida-bred who stretched his legs all over the country during his racing career. After 53 starts he was initially retired at age 7 after he bowed a tendon. He was briefly retrained as a jumper, but was ultimately put back on the track at age 10 (and raced 4 more times, winning his final race) before he severely re-injured his tendon, which permanently ended his racing career. After a year of rehab at TRNL, Eddie was introduced to and excelled in dressage. Competing through First Level with junior, adult amateur and professional riders, Eddie has won championships, high points, breed awards and end-of-year awards for multiple equestrian associations including TIP, USDF and SEDA. With his "can do" attitude, Eddie is a true ambassador for the breed.

Forrest was foaled at a large Thoroughbred farm in New York but was never raced. He was purchased at a regional auction for use in Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans, but was intercepted by TRNL before he could be sent back to auction after the season ended. Although he had a rather gruff exterior, Forrest eventually found his calling as a gentle teaching mount for children, beginner riders and TRNL guests. He is now a fixture at the barn and loved by all.

Natasha had a full racing career with 47 starts to her name and has the attitude to prove it. This intelligent mare is trained to Second Level in dressage and embodies the beauty, athleticism and work ethic of the Thoroughbred breed. However, she is unable to show due to her anxiety associated with travel and is a remnant from her days at the track. After many years of work earning her trust we have learned that she prefers "sameness" in her daily routine and are privileged that she "allows" us to rider her. 

This tall, gorgeous Arkansas-bred gelding is a true veteran of the racing industry. Having raced 67 times (and in the money for 30 of his races) Hawk truly earned his keep as a racehorse before retiring at the age of 8. Since 2011, Hawk has enjoyed his well-earned retirement at TRNL and is considered the sentry in his small herd of pasture-mates. He is particularly fascinated by the activity and equipment used on the adjacent property and is convinced that there is a racetrack on the other side of his pasture.