We simply cannot do what we do without the assistance of the many generous folks who are dedicated to the cause of the TRNL - our VOLUNTEERS!  On behalf of the TRNL AND the horses, we thank you for your time, your patience, and the skills and creativity that you bring to us.  We appreciate the fresh ideas, the sweat, the sentiments and all of you who care so much about the noble Thoroughbreds!

As a volunteer, you will receive training in the handling and care of the horses, learn about the retraining process, and may get to work directly with some of our charges.  And please don't think that we just need folks to assist in the barn.  If you are talented in other areas and feel that you can assist us in some way, CONTACT US!

Here are some of the areas in which we need assistance:

  • FUNDRAISING! We can only help the horses if we have funds to support them!
  • Organizing TRNL events and fundraisers
  • Photography of horses, workouts, events and folks in action here at the farm
  • Networking to build connections with other organizations (i.e., animal welfare groups, equestrian organizations, online groups, the Thoroughbred industry)
  • Assisting with management of our networking email bank
  • Initiating the production of a TRNL newsletter
  • Volunteering to coordinate the volunteers!
  • Transporting horses
  • Assisting with re-training
  • Recruitment of sponsors for our horses
  • Assisting with educative events and public awareness campaigns 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer we ask that you complete a volunteer application and have a signed Release of Liability form on file.  If you are a minor, your parents will need to sign the Release for you.  All volunteers are asked to maintain a record of the hours donated to TRNL.  A form to keep track of your volunteer hours is available for download. 

Because most applicants are interested in becoming volunteers at the TRNL facility, it is important that you know a few things before you go any further:

  • You will be exposed to all weather conditions.  Appropriate dress is mandatory.  Boots or shoes with heels are required.  If you are a minor working with horses you will be required to wear a helmet.  Adults are STRONGLY encouraged to do so as well.  During the summer, it is very hot.  Although shorts may be cooler, long pants, riding breeches or jeans are most suitable for barn work.
  • If you are truly interested in volunteering, you will be asked to come and observe for a two week period.  After this, if you are interested, you will receive training and further instruction as to how to our next steps.
  • Working at the farm requires lots of energy and hard work.  You are welcome to come and visit the horses; however, volunteers are asked to schedule times and dates that they are available to work.
  • Our days at the farm can be quite long.  If you are approved to begin volunteering at the facility, please be prepared to bring your own lunch, snacks and plenty of water or beverage of your choice.  We try to keep lots of water on hand but we ask that volunteers come prepared.
  • Volunteers for the facility should be those individuals who enjoy physical work and staying busy!
  • As a volunteer, you will have an opportunity to work with different types of horses and learn a great deal about retraining Thoroughbreds.
  • Volunteers who work at the farm are offered an opportunity to work off individual lessons and to participate in retraining efforts (when possible and appropriate).